973, a new magazine for Cambridge.

The District

For many years we have discussed the idea of launching a magazine that explores the creative culture of Cambridge. Finally the project has begun in earnest and will launch in Spring 2019. It defines creative culture in the widest sense, covering art, design, music, architecture, food and drink, technology and everything that occupies the intersections between.

It primarily exists in print but will have a home online. It is not defined by a format, or even a strict design, which will evolve over time and react to the content. Two issues will be created each year, with smaller pop-up publications happening on an ad hoc basis.

It will be free and available in hand picked locations across the city. It is not advertising led or even commercially orientated. We will be working in collaboration with partners and creative people who have generously given their time, paper, ink, film, electricity, venues, minds, words, pictures, expertise, leaflet racks and in the fullness of time beer, wine and spirits.

The theme of the launch issue is OPEN. Really the theme decided itself. The name 973 derives from the year that the first market was officially opened in Cambridge and 1046 years on we open our metaphorical doors. The first issue will cover all things open; the first year since the re-opening of Kettle’s Yard, and the ‘open’ community housing development designed by Mole Architects. We explore the open spaces of Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and discuss the issue of open access to information with artist, Stuart Pearson Wright. We will soon be opening some local brews with Old Friends Brewery, BrewBoard and others and we have opened a debate with Tine from the Cambridge Cookery School. We explore the best restaurants in Cambridge open to children and we are opening the hatch of Steak and Honour’s infamous Citroen H1 (the yellow one). We are very excited about the project. Find out more at 973magazine.co.uk.

We are looking for volunteers to photograph, write, illustrate and distribute so please get in touch if you are interested. volunteer@973magazine.co.uk