973 Magazine, Issue 1 Launch.

The District

After a huge amount of work from the team, and input from generous friends and partners we finally broke a sacrificial bottle of champagne over 973 on a balmy spring evening last week.

It was a fun evening fuelled by burgers by Steak and Honour, beer from Calverley’s Brewery and gin and tonics by Roundwood. It was gratifying to see people from interrelated but different fields who wouldn’t generally meet, chewing the rag as they thumbed our rag. Friends were made, deals were made and we began to make issue two.

Thanks again to people who contributed to issue one and to those who came along to celebrate its launch. We are now thinking about issue two, so would welcome any ideas (contribute@973magazine.co.uk). We are now busy distributing the magazine and we will publish a full list of where you can pick up a copy soon.

973 is a magazine that explores the creative culture of Cambridge. It defines this in the widest sense, covering art, design, music, architecture, food and drink, technology and everything that occupies the intersections between.