The District

This little film tells quite an interesting story as Matt proudly holds a loft the esteemed Creative Pool annual and Alun follows behind to smooth out the air bubbles on the lectern graphics. An agency of balance. We were thrilled when we were approached by St.Paul’s Church of England Primary School and asked if we would help them rethink, reposition, and ultimately rebrand their little school with a big heart (not my words, the words of Ousted). We love working with clients with big ambition and frankly with those where the impact of our design has huge potential. Following a negative Ofsted inspection, a change of headship forged a change in strategic direction for St. Paul’s Church of England primary school. To mark this gear change it was felt the visual and verbal identity needed an injection of energy.

Following significant workshopping getting to the essence of the school, we developed a strapline which really reflected the diverse curriculum and indeed diverse catchment of the school ‘Life in all its fullness’. This articulates the essence of a St Paul’s education, capturing the diversity and energy of the school, its staff and pupils. This was effectively the conceptual driver. What began with the verbal, became a bright, diverse and energetic visual expression of life at St. Paul’s ensuring every corner of the canvas on which it sat was full to every corner – organic and inorganic brightly coloured shapes collided, and caressed, and were ultimately animated, though even when still had implicit movement and energy.

And so to the Creative Pool annual, an award ceremony we have been involved in for a number of years. For us it is something where quality is paramount. As such you are surrounded by global behemoths and incredible boutique studios alike. This was particularly true of the Branding category where we were in the company of some amazing agencies such as Design Bridge, Interbrand, SomeOne™, Checkland Kindleysides and Elmwood. We were thrilled to bag a bronze and had a very enjoyable evening as a team.