Design Imitating Art.

The District

As our ‘about us / information / studio’ description claims, we work with interesting people who have an ambition to do interesting things. Whilst as a practice the way we have articulated our essence over the years has subtly evolved, this is as true today as it was when we opened the shed doors many years ago. What excites us is cutting through the conventional, connecting with the cut-off and overcoming previously challenging, challenges. We care not for pedestrian and prescriptive work.

Naturally this leads us to the stage, theatre, gallery and all manner of doors of Art Organisations, whose lives are characterised by challenge, now more than ever. Having worked with a range of such organisations, in classical music for Britten Sinfonia, The Broadway Gallery for their shows for artist Gordon House and master planner Barry Parker and on our own magazine 973 which explores the creative culture of Cambridge, we know only too well the challenges with respect to budget, different audience agendas, and creatively expressing creative thinking and endeavours.

In this vein we have pulled together a PDF which shares our work in this area. If you would like us to send you a copy, or would just like to ‘meet’, do email