‘insert witty, descriptive, abstract name here Wednesdays’.

The District

We are back. Well, as back as we can sensibly be. It’s undoubtedly been a challenging time for us all but equally we have learnt a huge amount and our hope is that we will take this learning on board and move forward positively, rather than revert to our collective old ways. One such revelation was concerned with travelling into Cambridge for 9am everyday of the week. Why do we feel the need to all be together with such frequency and why at such a specific time – a time that everyone else conforms to? Covid-19 has taught us that we can work effectively, remotely and that getting in for 9am and leaving at 5:30pm is relatively arbitrary. So to relieve the infrastructure we will work flexible hours. Of course we will always be on hand to deal with our client and supplier needs. Equally however what it has taught us is that collaboration is vital in developing effective creative outcomes, so we really look forward to tentatively returning to this way of working.

We want this collaboration to extend to you, so have set aside ‘insert witty, descriptive, abstract name here Wednesdays’ to do this. Simply book an 1 hour slot, come along (or meet on Zoom) and pick our brains on all things brand, whether you have a particular aspiration for your organisation or challenge you are facing, or simply just want to escape your desk and discuss the demise of society as we know it or debate your favourite maize snack. There will be tea, coffee, and biscuits (all with vegan alternatives). If you or us are having a particularly difficult week, there may even be something stronger. There will be no charge or obligation to stay in touch.

So in conclusion the pandemic has taught us two, apparently contradictory things; we can work effectively independently (and remotely) but equally we need to collaborate. Perhaps the stock ‘I work well independently and part of a team’  line on a C.V. has some merit after all?

The ‘programme’ will begin in earnest on Wednesday 28th October, and continue on November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, December 2nd, 7th, 14th, and we may even squeeze a day in on the 21st, where Snowballs and Christmas music will be served (gosh Christmas!). To book a slot email alun@thedistrict.co.uk. Thank you.