The Brand Identity, Process Three.

The District

The Process Three by The Brand Identity, shares ten thoughtful identity projects from some fantastic studios we are thrilled to sit alongside. Rather than the usual industry preoccupation with the final outcome (which is clearly logical) it delves deeper into the projects sharing a selection of iterations not selected by the client and the work in the margins that led to the final outcome.

As well as our project for Britten Sinfonia it includes projects from Two Times Elliott, DIA, Folch, M35, 1/1 Studio, Play, CoType Foundry, Plus Mûrs and Principal, the book reveals the stories behind world-renowned work for Nike, Squarespace, Yoko Ono and more.

For the first time in the series, The Process Three contains an additional layer of insightful commentary in the form of interviews and annotations from each of the contributing studios, printed on a special grey paper section at the book’s end.

The Brand Identity exists to empower and support the graphic design industry and the exceptional work they present to the world is always of a very high standard, so we are proud to have been selected.