We do care.

The District

From the Archive #2 — Availl. What really excites us is getting to know what makes a company who they are: How do they answer the phone? What does their CEO wear to work? Where do they do lunch? Are they smiling first thing on a Monday? All this and more comes together to give us a rich understanding of who they are, how they got to where they are and where they’re going.

We were appointed by Availl (healthcare recruitment) to do such a job. We carried out a number of workshops and it became very apparent that every member of their team genuinely cared about their role in the business. Whether it was the trainer, the recruiter or the cleaner these people didn’t just give lip service like so many others in this industry would. They cared.

It was this honesty and passion that we used as the catalyst for idea generation – we truly believe a brand should be the epitome of who you are. And Availl are a group of people that care: about their staff, about their clients and about the people they care for. We wanted to give them ‘that line’, the line to stand next to and say ‘that’s us’. That line became ‘We do care’. This not only gave us the opportunity to explain exactly what Availl did but also gave us the ability to flex the line to showcase Availl’s many attributes and personalities.

The next question was how and where to apply this? How to capture this warmth? We decided a great way to cut through the clichés was to create a film. This film focused on the characters involved with Availl; their faces, their smiles, their roles and their personalities. This was achieved by people replacing the word ‘care’ with something that was personal to them, both in their jobs and in their bigger lives. The stuff that would normally end up on the cutting room floor was kept in; the mistakes, the errs and umms, the pregnant pauses and importantly the laughter. This all contributed to the film’s honesty.

Within weeks of re-launching, Availl won best newcomer in the National Recruitment Awards and a large part of their success was put down to their brand, film and digital presence. Their brand continues to engage people and differentiate them in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace.