The District’s World Cup book.

The District

During the barmiest summer in living memory, we decided to celebrate the World Cup 2018 by creating a new poster on every day of the tournament, which we pasted to the outside wall of our studio. Ranging from the surreal to the descriptive they captured a subjective analysis of what occurred on and off the pitch. Always transient, some required a knowledge of the beautiful game, others didn’t. Some took two minutes for us to agree, others were the result of impassioned discussion / debate / fist fighting over several hours. Our favourite response was from one passerby: “When will this torture end? Four times a day I feel like an idiot.” Hopefully this opinion wasn’t universal and they brought some enjoyment to some people, sometimes. Below are some of the highlights of the book we created that recorded and contextualised the project. There are a handful still available – if you are interested email