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Cambridge University Hospitals is a family of hospitals comprising of Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie. As part of the NHS, they deliver expert care for patients – locally, regionally and nationally – whilst their vibrant teaching community equips and empowers their staff for the future. They also benefit from and contribute to some of the most important biomedical research in the world today.

After successfully winning a competitive tender we were appointed to develop an identity that needed to reflect this breath of excellence. Another fundamental consideration was that it needed to adhere to the overarching NHS brand whilst allowing the character of the trust to shine. Using the verbal driver TOGETHER, SAFE, KIND, EXCELLENT a visual system was developed. The emphasis on a systematic approach is incredibly important so that the identity is able to be applied consistently regardless of the skills and experience of the brand users. The brand system allows for significant visual expression and freedom when applied by skilled third party agencies but equally effectively by internal stakeholders who have more limited skillsets.

The identity has been applied across key touchpoints such as the website as well as in more functional contexts allowing The Trust to breed consistency. It was incredibly important to consider the diversity of audiences that the brand will serve, from research institutions wanting to understand the global impact of The Trust to patients with acute clinical needs. Thank you Sarah Trounce

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