Old Friends Brewery

The District

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Old Friends Brewery are a craft microbrewery based in Cambridge, set up by two long-standing friends. The premise is simple: ‘From a friendship built on beer, to a beer built on friendship.’

The bottle’s packaging design, and subsequently that of the can, is the central component of the brand’s communication. Avoiding the cliché of capitalising on Cambridge’s burgeoning tourism industry, this pale ale transcends its place of birth. The identity is a dichotomy: bold yet understated, strong yet effortless. The typographic framework drives the communications strategy, both off and online, with variance between different brews achieved through colour and material palette. The typographic face, with the ability to characterfully reflect every stage of the drinking process, adds real personality to the identity.

Since launch Old Friend’s Brewery have launched three staple beers, as well as a number of limited edition brews with partners including Barclays. Sales continue to grow in boutique off licences, bars, restaurants and student unions alike.

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