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A change of headship forged a change in strategic direction for St. Paul’s Church of England primary school.
To mark this gear change it was felt the visual and verbal identity needed a fundamental rethink.The new identity is built from a strapline which reflects the diverse curriculum and catchment of the school ‘Life in all its fullness’. What began with the verbal, became a bright, diverse and energetic visual expression of life at St. Paul’s ensuring every corner of the canvas on which it sat was full to every corner.

The typeface ‘Rationale’, chosen for its smooth welcoming curves and its superb readability and clarity, was paired with organic and inorganic brightly coloured shapes that collide, and caress, and ultimately were animated, though even when still had implicit movement and energy. Chosen to express vibrancy, fun, diversity, playfulness, interactivity and positivity. They have a joyful personality and can be used flexibly: singularly, in pairs or in groups. The shapes and the relationship between them captured many concepts and were deliberately abstract and open to an individual’s interpretation.

The new identity is applied across social media and key strategic poster sites around the college and in the city as well as used in signage across the campus and in the schools online presence.The head feels it is a much more appropriate reflection of the ideology of the school and it has already been embraced by parents who have filled their windows with posters and talk excitedly about their new image.

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