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Swiss paper giant, client and long term friends Winter and Company have for 125 years crafted quality and inspiring cover materials. We work with them on a range of identity, print, campaign and moving image projects.

SOLARIS — They wanted to promote a new paper range that has huge breath with respect to its ability to be etched, embossed, punched, metalicised, textured and otherwise treated to add impact and opportunity for interesting and diverse application. Our approach in naming the range was to embrace something which had a metaphorical quality and could express the innovative quality of the materials. In living with samples of the range for a few days, we felt it had a futuristic, space-like quality, so developed the name Solaris. We feel this evokes the right feeling and allows us to extend the metaphor and showcase the range of papers and finishes. Naturally the concept is applied across the swatch book but also used in advertising and digital and social communications.

WIBALIN RECYCLED — They have launched a 100% recycled paper. Wibalin® Recycled is a high quality, uncoated, dyed-through paper that has more environmental credentials than you can shake a stick at. It is made from 100% recycled paper fibres derived from both post-consumer waste (PCW) and industrial waste (PIW). The environmentally valuable paper is produced according to ISO 14001, is FSC™ certified (FSC-C007992), vegan, REACH compliant and 100% recyclable. Appointed to promote this product which is a part of Winter’s commitment to  maximally reduce or even completely eliminate the use of virgin resources, we continued with the stick theme. Taking the material physically and metaphorically back to where it came from felt appropriate, so this drove our concept. And it needed nothing more. It was home.

WIBALIN NATURAL — They create cover materials that set standards in creativity, appearance and quality whilst being underpinned by a strong sustainable foundation. In this straightforward concept, reverence is paid to a strong grid system and the application of clean, sans-serif typography, reflecting the design ideology of this Swiss company. The piece promotes their flagship range Wibalin Natural, using thoughtfully stacked colour to create a desk calendar that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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